StoneMader Paper Co, stone paper, as elegant as alabaster and as smooth as marble.

About us and Stone Paper

StoneMader Paper Co. is passionate about providing you with gorgeous journals made of Stone Paper.  Our Stone Paper is made from recycled limestone and rolled smooth with a resin.  As it is not made with cellulose wood fibers it is much smoother than paper made from wood, and free of pulp and fibers.  It uses no acid, bleach or optical brighteners in its production. And it only uses about 10% of water that wood paper uses.

Most of all it's striking.  The first time you sketch or write on it you will want all your journals to be made of Stone Paper. Just a blank page turner of stone cold smoothness, as your words flow seamlessly from mind and heart to posterity.

The enhanced writing experience, the unique attributes of this paper, the way it enhances your ability to get thoughts from your head and emotions from your heart, written in stone, forever.  Oh, and yeah, it’s way better for the environment!

Whatever your story, StoneMader is glad it will be written in stone.